Hockey in Canada

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Well fancy meeting you here! How’ve you been?

Oh, yes, I heard you were quite the upcoming star in your field! Your Mom used to tell me all about how well you were doing: climbing that ladder; making such a name for yourself; playing on the 2018 World Junior Hockey Team, no less, and winning for Canada (!!!); getting noticed by all the right talent scouts; being courted by all those teams; making all that money now!

The NHL drafted you right after that championship, didn’t they? Wow: they must think you’re something special!

Gee, come to think of it, your Mom hasn’t said much about you for awhile now…

Well yes, I did hear about that little ‘thing’: I mean, who hasn’t? It just keeps coming up on the news, kind of like a bad penny. You must be just sick to death of hearing about it.

Oh, that wasn’t you? It was some of your other team members?

It always seems to be the same story with just a few variations. This last time, it was three-on-one; the one that finally broke the whole story wide open was eight-on-one. The ‘cute’ one always lures her in, pays for drink after drink until she is in no condition to say ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘Bob’s your uncle’. And then, after she has more or less consensually staggered up to his room with him, the others just sort of… show up.

Oh, I know, I know: it all must be just terrible for you!!! All that bad publicity, all those lawyers, all that media attention, all those cancelled sponsors, all those other young women coming out of the woodwork now that the latest one gave them the courage to come forward? And this last straw: the new Board of Directors – that will now have to include a bunch of pesky women – who will have the job of unearthing all the stuff the last Board of Directors paid good money to sweep under the rug for all those years?

All that fuss over nothing!!!

You must be so tired of it all. So worried about that coveted contract that likely doesn’t seem quite so solid anymore. And I can only imagine: all the team members who weren’t part of the shenanigans on all those many, different nights. They must surely be pressuring you to come forward and clear their good names?

Oh, you poor, poor thing. Do you feel a little helpless? Are you scared?


So was she.

I bet your Mom is proud of you now.

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Author: Patti Moore Wilson, wednesdayschild2

I write what I feel. And I rarely know exactly what I feel until I write. I have lived long enough to have known many joys and many sorrows. I have made many mistakes; I have forgiven myself for a few… I have learned that there are lessons in every step of this journey, if we only take the time to pay attention… I hope you will feel free to pick and choose the stories that resonate for you…

6 thoughts on “Hockey in Canada”

    1. Unfortunately for Hockey Canada, enough of their country is disgusted with them that they were given no choice but to ‘promise to do better’ (she said, tone dripping in sarcasm). It took some doing but it appears that the Old Boys Network is out. I will be closely watching. And I’m not the only one. Here’s hoping…


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