The Puzzle Pieces of My Mother’s Mind


My Mom has always been one of those pragmatic types who never wasted a lot of time worrying about the deeper meaning of the universe. White is white. Black is Continue reading “The Puzzle Pieces of My Mother’s Mind”



When I am writing, because I frequently write about my family members, I have gotten into the habit of calling them to ask ‘if it is okay’ for me to print ‘this or that’ on my blog. Continue reading “Misunderstanding…”

On Being Overwhelmed (Feeling ‘Little’)

Patti_001Every single person occasionally feels overwhelmed, and those of us who suffer from anxiety feel that way a good deal of the time. Continue reading “On Being Overwhelmed (Feeling ‘Little’)”

Twin Bed

Šibenik, November 2017

Twin Bed

I am not a traveller. I am a homebody who is content to sit in my armchair, dog at my feet, cat on the armrest beside me, sipping a cup of coffee and watching the river flow by outside my window. Continue reading “Twin Bed”