How Are You (Reposted)

Charlie Brown

I do apologise. I have not posted in quite awhile. My health is never great at this time of the year and my energy levels always attest to that.

This was my very first post, almost a year ago now. It didn’t get much attention – it’s a bad attempt at poetry, which is not my forte. But the feelings were real. And the words suit this time of year, when it appears that everyone is scurrying around preparing The. Best. Christmas. Ever. Music is sweet and nostalgic; folks are preparing to go home for the holidays; family members are surreptitiously wrapping presents; cookies are being baked and plans being made. Continue reading “How Are You (Reposted)”


The Fairy Tree: Part 1: The Door

Rebuild 9


When we were looking for a house in our home province after having been away for over 35 years, all we knew for certain was that I wanted to live in a place with trees and my husband wanted to live near water. Continue reading “The Fairy Tree: Part 1: The Door”

The Fairy Tree: Part 2: It All Falls Down

1. Downfall of the tree 1

The Cut 2


We moved into our new home in the spring and that year, the first snow came early, in October. Typically, first snow is very fluffy, full of moisture and extremely heavy. While it is always beautiful, it can also be potentially dangerous, especially for an older roof or a weak, dying tree. Continue reading “The Fairy Tree: Part 2: It All Falls Down”