DSC_0261Photos of Lucky: Stephen Kenny (my brother-in-law)

The years after my divorce were pivotal ones for me. I came out of my shell and into my own. It’s not really that I learned to stand on my own two feet, so much as I learned that I had always been able to take care of myself. Continue reading “Lucky-Lou”

Don’t Challenge my Husband…Please!

Shiktehawk May 7 2017 030

My husband and I found love much later than most. Then in my mid-forties, I had been a divorced, single Mom for over a decade. My husband, then in his early fifties, was a widower. Love came as a complete surprise to both of us, and we vowed to cherish and carefully cultivate what we had found. Continue reading “Don’t Challenge my Husband…Please!”

Twin Bed

Šibenik, November 2017

Twin Bed

I am not a traveller. I am a homebody who is content to sit in my armchair, dog at my feet, cat on the armrest beside me, sipping a cup of coffee and watching the river flow by outside my window. Continue reading “Twin Bed”

Last Kiss

Sometime in my son’s late teens, it occurred to me that I could not remember the last time I had kissed him while he was sleeping. How that troubled me… When had he begun closing his door in an implicit – and slightly defiant – request for privacy? I couldn’t recall. Continue reading “Last Kiss”