The New Bathing Suit

I blame all of this on my Mom. She has been hankering, lately, to go for a swim at a local hotel pool she and my step-father used to go to.

“Oh, I wish I had kept my bathing suit,” she tells me regretfully, as I experience a familiar pang of guilt for yet another little piece of her life that my sister and I gave away at some point, not knowing she would ask for it later.

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I Don’t Like Shopping (Part Two: The Bra)


If you follow my blog with any regularity, you have probably discovered that I am not a shopper. In our household, I don’t even do the grocery shopping. Continue reading “I Don’t Like Shopping (Part Two: The Bra)”

I Don’t Like Shopping (Part One: The Purse)


I am not your typical woman. I don’t enjoy shopping for things like clothes, and make-up and cushions for my couch. Continue reading “I Don’t Like Shopping (Part One: The Purse)”