Kill the Darlings

Writer William Faulkner is credited with the phrase “in writing you must kill all your darlings”. What Faulkner meant is that when editing their work, writers must be brutal in eliminating any words they love but that do nothing for the story. I was intrigued by this concept but it wasn’t until I recently read Stephen King’s book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft that I ‘got’ it. Anyone who has ever entered my house and seen my bookshelves knows I am an admirer of Stephen King (although for some strange reason, when people notice all the SK books, they always assume the ‘reader’ is my husband). I love King’s writing style. I love how he draws me in. His writing is always fresh: I am in awe of his ability to come up with a seemingly endless supply of story lines. I love how he makes me care for, root for and often love his characters.

So… to ‘sit down’ with my favourite author and benefit from his words of advice on the craft of writing? Well, I had to trust that he knows what he is talking about.

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The Queen of the End-of-the-World Movies, at Your Service


Note to my fellow bloggers: I do apologize: I have been suffering from a deplorable lack of energy and a ‘slight’ (!!!) case of writer’s block. I THINK I am back – I sure hope so. Looking forward to catching up on your blogs…


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The Gentle Folk


(Creeps: Carrefour internationale de théatre à Québec)

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